Female judge Vivian Polania suspended for presiding over a virtual court hearing half-naked (video)

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A judge from Colombia named Vivian Polania, who gained notoriety for publishing provocative photos of herself, has been suspended after turning up to a virtual court hearing in only her underwear.

Vivian Polania allegedly ruled over a Zoom hearing for a criminal case while smoking a cigarette and wearing seductive underwear.

Vivian Polania

The judge also smiled for the camera while listening to the suspected car bombing case while sitting on her bed. When Polania did talk, her speech was slurred. She appeared to be aware of her impolite behavior when she abruptly turned off the camera for almost an hour.

Because of her “lack of respect for judgeship,” Polania, whose X-rated antics allegedly broke numerous administrative rules, received a 3-month unpaid suspension from Columbia. This happened after the commission started an inquiry.

Vivian Polania

Polania has however denied being half-naked. She claimed she was in bed during the hearing because she had low blood pressure and an anxiety attack. She then blamed other judges for bullying her over the way she provocatively dresses.

Vivian Polania

Vivian Polania also being investigated for posting photos of herself in skimpy lingerie and BDSM-style outfits on social media. She has deactivated her Instagram in the wake of her suspension.

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Watch a video from the hearing below….

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