How to make Money online as a teenager, adult or a stay at home mom from the comfort of your home

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You’d probably be thinking every business needs capital to start a business, but I’m here to reveal to you the various ways to make money online which does not require a capital in this article.


First of all, know where you want to start a business on any of the social media platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube e.t.c.

If you have made a choice on any of the above mentioned, create a personal account or a business page.

Fill in the necessary information and start sending out few friend requests according to what your Target Audience needs for your business.

Start creating valuable contents to engage your timeline, do same to others whenever they post valuable contents in order to meet up with any social media algorithm. That’s a topic for another day.

Secondly, Introduce yourself and what business you’d like to start in order not to take people unaware. Let them be prepared to patronize and support you.

Thirdly, Follow this Three sub steps you need to take to start earning money from your small business online.

Take these 3 steps.

The last one might catch your attention.

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1️⃣ Have a Product to Sell. Get a product to sell, Either Physical products or Digital products and start selling them on your business page or personal timeline. Create Contents that relates with what you want to sell. It should be very simple and clear to understand in the minds of your readers to take action.

2️⃣ Resell a Product ( sell other people’s products if you don’t have the needed resources to get one )

3️⃣ Become an Influencer

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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

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