How to overcome Depression

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Depression has killed a lot of young people and even old people. I heard of a lady who spent 12 years in a relationship and her boyfriend got married to her friend, when she found out, she drank “SNIPER” and died. She did this because more than seven(7) of the signs listed below happened to her faster than she could grab and accumulate and she decided to take a drastic decision without thinking twice.


● Feeling lonely
● Not interested in any social gathering or activity.
● You are gradually turning into a sadist.
● Nothing makes you laugh or smile genuinely again.
● Unwillingness to love.
● Nothing pleases you again.
● You give up on tasks easily.
● You ignore calls from family, loved ones and friends.
● You shut yourself out of peoples sight.
● You prefer being all by yourself than being around anyone.
● You always feel you have nothing to offer.
● You always feel you have nothing to live for again
● You loose your self esteem.
● You no more have needs for hobbies or lively activities.
● You become overly matured on social media platforms.
● You are tired of your spouse, relationship, or marriage.

Have you checked all these signs and you are a victim of more than five (5), then you are gradually going into depression without even knowing it.


When you are going through heartbreak, the best thing to do is to cry, think about the future, think about your purpose in life and force yourself to move on. I know its not going to be easy as written down here, but with determination of knowing who you are, knowing you are better to love and be loved. What people may say is why a lot of people go into depression.

People are most likely to talk. Trust me, they will only talk for a while, after that, its over and life continues. Do not kill yourself over what people will or might say about you. A broken engagement or relationship is better than a broken marriage.

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The wasted years, time, effort, resources might be painful but give TIME a chance to heal those wounds and fix the broken heart back in place. If its difficult to cope in your present environment, you could travel out of town just to heal, then after sometime, you come back and continue as if you were never hurt.


Depression can happen due to loss of a loved one, loss of job, loss of valuables, failure in life, unable to pass an examination, ill health and so on.

How to overcome Depression

1. Make yourself available in the gathering of people


Let’s take the church for example, when you take church activities serious,there will be a lot of changes around you. Make the pastor your personal friend. Try to dance when songs are raised. When worshiping, Worship with all your heart and gradually you will feel a relief.

This could be in a church,mosque,offices e.t.c.

2. Take up a hobby


If you love songs,you could always listen to good music when evil thoughts cloud your mind. If you love reading books, then read captivating books that will always take your mind off negative thoughts. Even if its football. Just take up a good hobby and be consistent in it.

3. Take your job,career and purpose in life serious


If you are working, put in more effort and time into your job,handwork,skills or start thinking of something to do so you don’t become idle. An idle man is the devils workshop. When you start putting efforts in these activities, expect challenges but don’t give up,rather keep pressing on and you will surely smile at the end.

4. Exercise


Take up an exercise routine. But if you feel the need to be around people, then register for a gym class. select your exercise routine and be punctual in it. If your schedules are tight, or you are too tired to go out, you could discipline yourself enough to do some simple home exercise for 30 minutes or more. You could also follow some tips online. Exercise helps in building up a healthy mindset.

5. Visit family and friends


Once  in a while, select one of your family member or a good friend you can trust, spend quality time with them, you might not know what these moments will do to you, but trust me it will definitely work wonders.

6. Give yourself to love and be loved


This might be hard with a person who is going through a heartbreak. But its better to try and fail than not try at all. Give yourself to love and open your heart to feel loved.

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You can start up as friends until you are able to open up your heart, do not throw people away no matter how wounded or hurt you are. Find a shoulder you can cry and lean on. Who knows, you might find love and comfort there. There is a saying, a shoulder to cry on is a d**k to ride on. So my advice to the ladies, do not let yourself as a lady ride on every shoulder you cry on.

7. Love yourself


Loving yourself is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Take time to celebrate yourself, take yourself out, cherish your being. Adore your very existence. Stand in front of the mirror and praise yourself.. Admire your eyes, nose, body, figure, your perfections and imperfections, your strength and weaknesses. This helps in boosting ones self esteem and confidence.

If you’ve had a depressing experience,please feel free to share with us the causes,how you overcame it and what you did to over come that depression.

I love you all



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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

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