Kenyan gayright activist, Edwin Chiloba’s partner confesses to killing and disposing his body over allegations that he cheated on him (video)

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Police in Kenya have arrested and identified Jackton Odhiambo as the main suspect in the murder of LGBTQ activist, Edwin Chiloba. 

Odhiambo, who was dating the LGBTQ activist, admitted to k*lling him and dumping his body by the side of the road in response to claims that he had cheated on him.

As part of the investigation into the violent killing of Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo alias Chiloba, three further suspects were also detained. As a result, there are now four people in custody, according to the police.
The three were detained for helping to transport a metal box that was used to dispose of Chiloba’s remains.

Two of the three are young men, both under the age of 18, according to the authorities.

Detectives have also apprehended a car that was used to dispose of the body on the road, according to police spokeswoman Resla Onyango. She stated that one of the theories is that of a love triangle.

The prime suspect in the murder of fashionista Jackton Odhiambo, 24, confessed to killing the model over allegations that he cheated on him.

According to Police, Jackton executed the murder with the help of his two friends. The suspect said he murdered Chiloba as revenge for betraying him.

Jackton who had been staying with the deceased for one year in Eldoret was arrested on Friday January 6, as the main suspect in the murder. The two lived together as husband and wife.

Chiloba’s caretaker Alex Nyamweya said that Jackton called him using Chiloba’s phone on January 4, informing him that he was vacating the house they lived in.

According to the police, Jackton left the house right away.

According to the police, Jackton said to curious neighbors who had noticed a foul stench coming from the home where Chiloba and two other people were staying that a dead rat had died there and that he was attempting to remove it.

When the neighbors inquired about the source of the smell coming from their home, “he claimed it was a dead rat,” Uasin Gishu county DCI chief Peter Kimulwo said.

The body was discarded close to Kipkaren in Halingham.

A day ago, Jackton was seen by the neighbors carrying a metal box. According to early investigations, the corpse looked to have been strangled and had one eye gouged out.

Kimulwo said a chief informed police that a metal box was dropped by the roadside in Kipkaren area on January 3, 2023.

Residents found a dead body of an adult wrapped in a woman’s dress in the metal box.

Kimulwo said on new year eve Chiloba and friends went to Tamasha club and came back at around 3am to where they lived.

When they arrived neighbours heard commotion and cries which subsided minutes later. On January 3, neighbours saw a vehicle with two people loading a metal box into the vehicle and left.

“We suspect the noise heard earlier by the neighbours was the time the deceased was killed,” Kimulwo said.

He said the suspect and the deceased lived together as partners. He had arrived from Nairobi for the new year celebrations.

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According to the police, Jackton left the house right away.

At the Moi Referral Hospital mortuary in Eldoret, his body was positively identified by the family.

His sister Melvin described her last moments with Chiloba, whom she had met at Tamasha Place in Eldoret to celebrate the new year.

Chiloba arrived at Tamasha around 10 p.m., according to Melvin, who works there, with an unfamiliar buddy.

She told journalists, “After the fireworks for the new year, I met him and he bid me farewell stating he would miss me.

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