Mark Messi when he is with the ball – Footage emerges of Saudi Arabia boss Herve Renard’s incredible half-time team talk (video)

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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

Footage has emerged of Herve Renard’s half-time team talk moments before his Saudi Arabia side secured one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history by defeating Argentina.

Renard’s side entered the break having gone behind just ten minutes into the game after Lionel Messi netted his seventh goal in the World Cup with an early penalty kick.

While other coaches of a side like Saudi Arabia versus Argentina might have wanted their men to play better defense at halftime in order to reduce goals allowed, Renard opted to go on the attack and berate his team for their play.

The seasoned French coach continually emphasized to his team the importance of the contest throughout his remarks.

In one particular scene, the 54-year-old manager queries whether his team believed they could come back into the game and asks his players if they simply want to “take a picture with Lionel Messi.”

‘Messi, he has the ball in the middle of the pitch and you stand [hands up] in front of the defence… you have to go and mark him in the middle,’ he said. ‘Take your phone, you can make a picture with him!

‘You don’t feel we are able to come back? You don’t feel it? You play relaxed. Come on guys, this is the World Cup. Give everything!’ 

As Renard’s passionate oration was contemporaneously translated into Arabic by a member of his staff, he concluded by reminding his players of stakes of the competition and imploring them to ‘give everything’ in pursuit of victory.

Moments after the end of Renard’s team talk, his team appeared to reenter the pitch with a renewed sense of the fixture’s significance.

Following the break, Saudi Arabia scored twice to secure on of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

Watch the video below

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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

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