Men’s fragrance aren’t just for men [Fragrance Facts]

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Unveiling simple but amazing fragrance facts with a limelight on men’s fragrance in today’s publication.


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Many people today use different perfumes, body sprays or roll-ons with different fragrance in a bid to smell nice.

Gone are the days when all you needed to do was take a bath at least three times a day and feel very comfortable as though the freshest.

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The evolving nature of the man has brought us to an age, where ones’ self esteem is to a large extent, dependent on his/her appearance.

Of course your appearance would be useless if you dress nice, look neat but smell bad! This could equally chase people away from you.

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Having a strong body odour can be caused by not bathing regularly or non-use of antiperspirant deodorants suited with pleasurable fragrances.

Sweet fragrances are the magic to regaining your self esteem, confidence and elegance. You’re beautiful! So you must be Bold! Don’t undermine your Worth!

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However, choosing a perfume or body spray with the most suitable fragrance for oneself is one of the most difficult decisions most people have to make.

Out of the millions, one has to pick just one or a few. Truth is, every fragrance has its own uniqueness which makes it stand out and which makes everybody want to pick them.

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But you must choose just one or a few hence, the division based on masculinity and feminity.

This however, does not underscore any other factors upon which feminine or masculine fragrances are preferred by their users.

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Perhaps erroneously, many people believe that deodorants with men’s fragrance are peculiar to men.

But here is an amazing fact you probably never knew:

“Men’s fragrance aren’t just for men”

See why:

• One third of men’s fragrances sold are worn by women.

Surprisingly, there’s little inherently masculine or feminine about a particular scent. It’s all how it’s presented.”

Did you know about these amazing facts?😉

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