My first half Jacket and shoe

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This half jacket and shoe you see here was my first gift as a man of God. Mr Samuel I will forever remain grateful for this suit U gave me.



😭😭😭😭😭 Many years ago while I was a house Boy in Lagos, I remember the name that my madam and her children use to call me, “Useless Boy.”

The first daughter would always make sure that I don’t forget the name. From time to time she will ask me “I hope u know u are a very useless boy?” And I would answer “yes aunty I will not forget, I know I am” 😭😭😭😭😭 because if I say am not, they will never give me food that day, so I will always answer “yes aunty is true I am”😭😭😭😭😭

I believed her because I never saw anything good coming out of me.

I never had an opportunity to be served food in a plate. When they eat food and remain they will pour the remains in a nylon on the floor for me and said take ur food, I will answer thanks so much madam.

This was one of the many sufferings I had to go through as a house Boy. I never believed that i was never useless and that I will become a destiny helper to many people today and more to come if Christ tarries.

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Pls Sir/ Ma in the name of God I beg u, never treat people u are better than today as if they are useless because the Lord has helped you today.

You never can tell what that person will become tomorrow. If u have anyone that is working as a house help in your house, shop or office, treat them with love for u never can tell what 20 or 25 years from now will be like.

Help people when u can, because u may be in need tomorrow and that man or woman u help today may be in a position u will need help from.

Some people may not want to comment because it may be that you are feeling guilty in ur mind but all the same u can repent and turn a new leaf, and I promise you will be happy when u live well with people.

Happy anniversary to my half Jacket and shoe first gift ever..

Written by: ©️Princess Ransome.

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