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The over 1.5 betting is a new betting concept based on the outcome of the first half. The bettor will predict if there is at least one team to score over 1.5 goals in the second half of the game.

The odds will be adjusted depending on which team scores first in the second half, and they are usually more favorable than those of a standard corner bet.

Betting is a useful way of making money out of your knowledge. If you are knowledgeable in soccer or any other type of sport, you can make profit out of it.

Betting is a popular way to make money, and the most popular types are betting on football and betting on basketball games.

A considerable number of people also bet on horse racing, card games and more. There’s an entire field that some people dedicate their whole lives to: sports gambling.

You have probably made a bet or two in your life. A bet is a way to make a situation more interesting and deliver some suspense, whether it be for fun with friends or for something more important like the outcome of an event. Bets also come in many forms, from picking a sports team to betting on horses at the track. This section will cover the basics of betting, while also expanding into other types of bets you might encounter.

For this discussion, we’ll say that over 1.5 means that the total score after 60 minutes will be 2 or greater (a tie could qualify).

In general, over 1.5 betting is a bet on three outcomes with at least two of them being correct.

If you are interested in making bets on football or any other sport for that matter, this guide might interest you. It will tell you everything you need to know about over 1.5 betting and how to do it in just a couple of minutes. You can also find out what the best sports are for over 1.5 bets and which bets offer the best odds among all the possible options out there!

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