OYI BITTERS Partner To Stand With The Female Artiste At One Night With The Girls

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The Benue entertainment industry once again, comes to life at the inception of the ‘One Night With The Girls‘ initiative as OYI BITTERS partner to stand with the female artistes.

OYI BITTERS… Who we are 👇

“From the deep lush green vegetational lands of the ancient Idoma people, comes some of Africa’s most exotic herbs, roots, and rare tree barks with renowned health benefits responsible for preserving the health of the ancients, and today’s sort out medicines for the new generations.

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“It is a noteworthy practice amongst the African elders only to reveal secrets of healthy living, spirit powers, or transfer of knowledge of same amongst their tribesmen only. This cultural practice gave birth to the word “OYI” which derives its meaning from the Idoma dialect meaning an “inner-circle FRIEND” or a friend privileged to partake of the secrets of their commonwealth. It is only in privileged occasions the ancients consider one from another origin as an “Oyi.”

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“From us at Exponent Distilleries Limited, Oyi Bitters™ and variants come with an invitation to share and partake in the ancient secret of a healthy African kinship.

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Oyí Bitters™ and its variants are a perfect blend of nature’s finest, inspired by the ancients, produced for the modern to promote health, deepen cultures and establish friendships.

ONE NIGHT WITH THE GIRLS,” an NFOB Global Ent. initiative is a Musical Concert aimed at showcasing the Benue female artist to national and international platforms. It’s maiden edition is slated for November 29th, 2022 at Newcastle Events Centre, Makurdi. Get your Tickets and customized T-shirts here.

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