Peter Obi visits Jennifer Efidi, woman who was stabbed on the queue on elections day

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Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP for 2023 general elections, Peter Obi has extended goodwill and an act of compassion as he visits a woman of Steel, Jennifer Efidi who was stabbed while on the queue to cast her vote on Elections day.

The presidential candidate paid Jennifer a visit on Monday after her pictures and a video of how she was attacked by thugs on Elections day went viral.

While describing her as “one of the great icons of Nigeria’s democracy,” Obi via his verified Twitter handle, Shared photos of his visit. A post he captioned:

“Today, I visited Mrs Jennifer Efidi. She was attacked on 25th February in an attempt to stop her from voting, but she stood her ground. Jennifer is one of the great icons of Nigeria’s democracy.

“She is my point of contact with every Nigerian who suffered a similar fate in their bid to exercise their voting rights,and contribute to a new Nigeria. Like many Nigerians, I acknowledge her bravery and resoluteness.

“Jennifer is a true manifestation of Profiles in Courage for a new Nigeria. -PO”

Narrating her experience after the incident; Efidi said: “I went out with my daughter to cast my vote at Dipo Olubi Street in Surulere, like every other Nigerian. When I got there, I got verified and joined the queue waiting to vote. I later went to sit down because the line wasn’t moving due to some disorderly people smuggling themselves into it.

“After sitting for some time, some boys appeared, and they looked scary. It was obvious they didn’t come to vote. They were not close to us at the time, but a bit away from where the queue was. The boys were discussing, and I could see that some people who knew them went to join them. Meanwhile, the voting process was still ongoing. After about 45 minutes, I felt a huge impact on my face and heard the sound of a gunshot.

“To be sincere, I thought I had been shot. I thought the impact I felt on my face was from a bullet. People started running, and so I stood up, placed my hand on my face, and felt blood. I started screaming for help. People who saw me calling for help fled in the opposite direction. I later ran into the building where voting was taking place. Someone later came to help me by using a handkerchief to apply pressure to my face in an attempt to stop the bleeding. We remained inside the building until the boys left. I was later able to receive first aid treatment from a nearby nurse. In the video that went viral, you will see her giving me an injection to stop the bleeding. I was then taken to a nearby hospital, where the cuts on my face were stitched. I suffered deep cuts.”

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