“Premarital sex is a sin; Your baby bump is now visible and we can see through it” – man writes Mercy Chinwo

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Famous Nigerian gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo has been called out for alleged premarital sex and pregnancy not long after she announced her engagement.



While Christians and many Nigerians are still celebrating the big announcement, a certain netizen has called out the just engaged Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo and her fiancee for immoral acts.

Via a social media post by Joe Piano Bloggers and credited to Mr Wisdom Atashie, the accuser claims that Mercy Chinwo and her partner, Blessed Uzochikwa have abused the gospel they preach.

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According to him, in one of their pictures which have long gone viral among others, the duo’s position was “uncalled for” and proves that she is pregnant.

In his words:

“Dear mercy Chinwo,

Premarital se-x is a sin and the Bible and gospel you preach forbids it.

Looking at this picture no doubt that you and your husband-to-be have already done the forbidden act which the Bible describes as FORNICATION.😏

My dear Chinwo, you have no evidence to proof that such love have never happened between you and this man.

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You’re a preacher of the gospel and we believe you know all of this.

No priest in his right senses will conduct such wedding where premarital se-x is the order of the day.

You and your partner have abused the gospel you preach.

You can only be allowed to engage into traditional marriage because you have already deflowered yourself… The wedding is no longer a holy wedding.

Go on your kneels and ask your creator for forgiveness in your own religious way and also tender a public apology to the general public.

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This picture position is UNCALLED FOR and it is obvious that you are pregnant 😢

Mercy your fans are looking up to you and the body of Christ as well

Your baby bump is now visible and we can see through it…Maybe the reason for this emergency studio broadcast.

Mercy tell us the truth before things get out of hand.

Me: Vawulence everywhere 🚶🚶


Reacting, the singers’ fans also shared their pieces of “vawulence” to the “distributor of vawulence,” Mr Wisdom Atashie.

See comments below:


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However, a popular Nigerian adage read: “for every rumour, there is an iota of truth,” kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Do you think mercy Chinwo could possibly be pregnant as Mr Wisdom claims?

Even if she is, does she owe the general public an apology?

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4 thoughts on ““Premarital sex is a sin; Your baby bump is now visible and we can see through it” – man writes Mercy Chinwo

  1. Just be acting all holier than thou
    Even if she’s pregnant,must you attack her
    You want to drag her to the mud or popularize yourself
    Imagine someone digging into your secrets and instead of confronting you,the person exposes it. Please try to be mature

  2. She owe no one any apology but God
    For all have sinned and gone short of the glory of God
    You cannot tell me that the Mr vawulence is righteous
    So he also owe the public an apology for his own sin

  3. The bible says and I paraphrase let him that is without sin cast the first stone.. brother do you know her enough to differentiate a baby bump from her normal stomach you have no evidence either even if you are right you have no right to throw any stine

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