Short Stories: Pains of the Past

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Short stories:

A lot of people hardly move on because of how the past hurts them. Most people wet their beds most times cause of the years they wasted for either the wrong people, jobs, careers, partners, wrong purpose and many more.


I talked to an elderly man one day and he wasn’t happy about his present condition. He said his last job made him loose a lot of years, experience and focus yet, he was sacked and had to start all over again from the scratch. This hurt him till tomorrow.

He said most of his mates who resigned at the early stage are doing way better than him.

Initially, I was quiet but later told him to embrace life and look forward to the bright side and what I said actually put a smile on his face.

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Your life is never a mistake! Never make anybody make you feel less. You have potentials in you, maximize it and even if people laugh or mock your efforts, never give up. Rather, put in more strength and effort to make sure what you do is worth doing well.

Also, Never let your past weigh you down. Your life is better than what you left behind. Never make the mistake of allowing your past life better than your present or future because whatever you left behind can’t be better than what is ahead but this can only be possible with YOU.

I love you all! 1 love Mwaaaaah!

Short stories

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