Sunday Reflection: The Restoration Grace

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We take a journey to speak about the “Restoration Grace” which “GRACE” is unmerited favor of God, divine regeneration and inspiration for better things which God gives His people without meriting them.

Ref: Nehemiah 5:10-12

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The research proves that most things we have in life are by God’s favor, for instance, life, peace, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Imagine in those days, how the nobles and the rulers sold the poor brethren to the heathens and all their goods were taken even their farm lands but the man of God Nehemiah rebuked them and ordered to restore them all.

Nehemiah 5:11 says:

“Restore , I pray you, to them even this day, their Olive yards and their houses, also the hundred part of the money, and of the corn the wine, and the oil, that ye exact of them.”

Today anything someone took from you either money or whatever he or she took, there shall be total restoration in Jesus Name Amen.

The Grace of God was sufficient to them that what was claimed from them was perfectly restored.

Isaiah 57:18,

“God restored Comfort to the contrite heart and said I have seen his ways, and I will heal him: I will lead also, and restore comfort unto him and his mourners.”

It means that God is ready to heal you and restore health to you always. May all your Restoration come forth now and always. Amen..

Today’s Reflection: The Restoration Grace

By: Bishop (Dr.) Macrran Ransome Kelnanah

📍The Apostolic Christian Chapel, 3 Shoyinka Street off Karounwi street, Itire, Surulere, Lagos. 08035130729

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