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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

Men or women are known as beings who live in a world to grow together, live life, fulfill purpose and grow in love, Peace, harmony and to achieve whatever they put their minds to achieve.

  But men/women have taught their heart and mind to think evil against one another. A blood relation is thinking evil against his/her own blood relation same as a sister to a sister, a brother to a brother, a friend to a friend, a cousin to a cousin, a niece to a nephew and so on.

   If a blood related person could think evil about his relation, then talking about strangers shouldn’t be a new thing. We meet strangers at our place of work, compound, school, environment, street, society and all spheres of life. We can’t avoid these people totally so most times, we end up making friends with them and giving them access into our lives without a second thought. But as the bible says, the heart of men is desperately wicked. They end up causing havoc in our lives. Some even go as far as killing the other person while some end up breaking the trust we had in them and returning to be the strangers we once knew them as.

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    Now, back to the relatives who are specifically related to us by “BLOOD”. We have the ones who are envious of our progress, we have the ones who plot against our success, we have the ones who will never speak good about us. We have the ones who are envious of us in one way or the other and can never support us in our business,career,goals and life as a whole.

   As much as we need to separate ourselves from them, we also need them in our lives. Funny, but true. We need them during our failures in life so that during our success story we can reference them and they can spread the good news faster just as they spread the bad ones.


     The acidity in the heart and minds of humans are alarming. The few good ones we have are rare and most times their lives are cut short quickly than expected. I once heard someone say the good ones don’t last. But I believe we can purge out the evil in our heart with 50% good. We were created to be good & bad. The bible said if you are either cold or hot I will spit you out. As bad as we are always carried away and overcome by the evil thoughts in our heart, we should try to create an atmosphere were our minds/heart think of only the positive side instead of the negative aspect.

    The word “ACID” burns things and creates havoc. So a bad mind is known to contain an acidic property that destroys both the person and his counterpart. So let’s purge our hearts from evil. When you keep thinking evil of people everyday, you deteriorate in health, business,career life and end up looking wareward, you look entirely like the shadow of your original self.

  In conclusion, do good,spread good, live good,be good.

I love you all



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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

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