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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

 A lot of people in the mortuary/ grave have buried a lot of vision (s) with them. Your dreams and aspiration in life can die with you at anytime. Most people don’t even know what they are on earth to do. Most people, once they wake up, they just follow the day the way it comes without looking for something different to do to get a different result. Death has accompanied great aspirators, great builders, great dreamers down below the earth(Grave).

 We only remember or think of them but nobody to carry on and fulfill their purpose for them on earth. Even if their children try their best to carry on the legacy of their father or mother, it will never be like when the person who has the vision was alive.


  The person who created an Airplane,(Wright Brothers) made a lot and lots of mistakes. I felt he gave up at a certain point in time as a human but later picked up the project and decided to see it come to realization. The mentality of most people is just to work, make money, eat and sleep. Their routine and perspective of life rotates around this daily life circle without them thinking of a change to create a bigger and better vision. Most people even see life as the perfect opportunity to bully people on a daily basis. They oppress workers on the road and find joy in seeing people scared and terrified.

   This people have potentials in them but are too adamant to see it and they do not have a teachable spirit and can’t go through the process because they always want to see the progress , growth, and money almost immediately.

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    The vision we are yet to birth, needs time ,great minds,total focus,risk taking ,teachable spirit, prayers and a spirit to fail but never give up. Don’t give up on your dreams and purpose in life ,apart from working,schooling, looking for handwork and career, find something you are passionate about and start putting little steps into it daily.

   A hidden dream that efforts are put into is better than a dream that is heard everywhere with no effort attached to it. Find that thing that lives inside of you, maximize it gradually and start making new things that will help you and your generation in life.

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Transfer DeadlineDusan Vlahovic, Caicedo, Emzo Fernandes

PiggyVest Save And EarnYou Don't want To Miss This Offer

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