[Article] Tolerance, A pinnacle of peace in Nigeria.

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The place of tolerance in a multi-ethnic and multilingual country like Nigeria can scarcely be overemphasized. In this article, Shadrach opens our eyes to some realities. Keep reading..


Nigeria is a multi lingual mosaic, a colonial creation richly endowed with cultural diversity, religions, and tribes dwelling together.

Nigeria as a country, remains the only black nation in African continent that wears a toga of many different cultures, tribes, religion and ethnic groups.

Roughly about five hundred and ten(510) languages, 250 ethnic groups and three principal religions are found in a geographical entity called Nigeria.

Just like a thick forest where animals of different kind camp.

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A little wonder- how will these people harmoniously live together amidst different beliefs, norms, custom and values?

The truth remains that it is tough accepting feelings, teachings, beliefs and norms that differ from our own.

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However, the willingness, ability and capacity to condone other traditions is the most important and beautiful way of building and expediting a strong and everlasting pinnacle of peace.

In a multilingual society like Nigeria, characterized by cultural diversity, tribal and religious differences, tolerance must be wholly welcomed in order to keep the tempo of peace and unity high above other things.

Conversely, our inability and unwillingness to subscribe to other peoples’ way of life, feelings and values create a sedated atmosphere for tension, unrest, callous, clashes, religious fanatics and more negativities.

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Recall that earlier this year, a year two student of Shehu Shagari college of Education was set ablaze by some religious bigots due to intolerance and lack of respect for the other.

In order to erode bigotry, sentiment, hatred and narrow mindedness and understand other peoples’ way of life, behaviors as well as interpret them in a larger area like Nigeria, we must all subscribe to tolerance, condonement, and respect for other peoples’ belief, norms, and religion that differ from our own so as to have a good museum of peace..

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