Topless Argentinian fan faces jail time in Qatar after stripping off to celebrate World Cup final victory

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An Argentina fan is facing jail time after she was spotted taking off her top in a fiery celebration of Argentina’s victory over France in the World Cup final. 

After Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty kick sealed the win for Argentina, cameras turned towards cheering Argentina fans and among them was a blonde fan who gave the cameras a little more than was expected. 

Fans were informed in advance that they would have to obey Qatar’s strict, traditional norms.

Visitors (men and women) are encouraged to demonstrate respect for local culture by refraining from wearing apparel that is extremely exposing in public, according to the Qatar Tourism Authority.

In general, it is advised that both men and women cover their shoulders and knees.

Woman strips in World Cup final

Women are not allowed to display any cleavage or wear any exposing apparel in the conservative country of Qatar.

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Non-Qatari women are exempt from wearing the abaya, a long, black garment that nearly covers the entire body. However, visitors must make sure their tops cover their shoulders and midriff, and their skirts, dresses, and pants must cover their knees.

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