Vladimir Putin has cancer and will die very soon, Ukrainian intelligence boss claims

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Ukraine’s Chief of Defense Intelligence has claimed sources confirmed that Vladimir Putin was suffering from cancer, after the Kremlin leader has pulled out of events and withdrawn from the public eye.

According to the head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has been battling cancer for a “long time” and will pass away “quite swiftly.”

According to Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence, Vladimir Putin, 70, has cancer, according to sources close to the leader of the Kremlin.
According to Mr. Budanov, the Russian president has been ill for a “long time” and will pass very soon.

The allegations follow Putin’s cancellation of two public engagements at the end of the previous year, including his yearly state address and a visit to a factory that makes tanks.

At the time, it was believed that the cancellation of the visits was due to his health.

Separately, a recent Western intelligence investigation oddly asserted that the decision to start his disastrous war in Ukraine was motivated by megalomania brought on by cancer medications.

Mr. Budanov was questioned by ABC News during a rare interview about a variety of topics, including Putin’s health and the potential for missile strikes in Russia and Crimea.

He asserted that there was no doubt that attacks on Russian soil will continue in 2018, but he chose not to accept liability for them on behalf of the Ukrainian defense force.

After claiming the Russian autocrat’s life was apparently in danger, Mr Budanov said the “war must end before his death”.

Ukraine would emerge successful in 2023, he said, adding that the death of Putin would benefit “the whole world” and urging the West “not to be afraid”.

Asked if the tyrant was “terminally ill”, Mr Budanov said: “Of course. He has been ill for a long, very long period. I think he will die very fast. I hope.

“I am sure he has cancer.”

He went on to say he “just knew” that the leader was suffering from an illness as he had received the information from “sources” close to Putin.

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Amid swirling rumours over Putin’s health, there have been concerns over who could replace him and subsequently whether there would be actual benefit resulting from his death.

When a series of domestic Russian announcements by Putin late last year proved unfavourable with the population, former MI6 chief Sir Alex Younger suggested his replacement could be what he described as “the chauvinistic, nationalistic, arguably fascistic right-wing” factions of the Kremlin.

“We have to be careful what we wish for,” he said.

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