When Love Dies, That’s When Feelings Starts

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Love is the most powerful feeling that humans can experience. It is a feeling that cannot be explained with words and it cannot be faked. When love dies, that’s when feelings starts. Love is not just about what you feel for someone else but also what you feel for yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then you will never be able to love someone else. And if you don’t love someone else, then there will always be emptiness in your life.


There are infinite thoughts about love being eternal. People still romance and woo each other, hoping that the outcome will be in their favor. But is this right? What happens when you find out that you lost your love? Do you just give up on everything because this one person decides to stop loving you?

One thing that might happen is the turn of negative feelings inside you: sadness, envy and whatnot. And it often happens suddenly; someone looses hope so they turn terribly sour and take to grumbling at things or people they love or used to’love too much. And they do all these things just to make themselves feel better and not suffer less as much as possible.

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Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. But when it fades away, you start feeling sad and lost.

Love is capable of influencing every aspect of your life. And without a doubt, it defines who we are as human beings. Though losing love can be a disappointing experience, such discovery creates moments of unconditional self-love; the love you have for yourself without any conditions attached to it.”

“When Love dies, or in other words when there’s no more love between two people in a relationship, one may lose interest elsewhere which tells the other person that he/she loves them less and there was another supposedly better option for him/her.

Sadness sets in because when love dies then feelings starts.”

It may take time to kill the feelings, but just know you can overcome it with time.

I Love You All


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